A Word for Today

Wisdom: Doing the Right Thing

Look in humble love and obedience to the person Proverbs points to, Jesus. He is our Wisdom and Righteousness (I Cor 1:30). by M. William Ury
Man Reading Bible

I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.

Proverbs 8:17 ESV

Every time I am at National Headquarters, I am intimidated. A conversation with anyone in the cafeteria reveals my ineptitude. Each office is filled with brilliant, gifted, skilled and wise people.

To define wisdom by reason alone is not biblical. Solomon rejects such a narrow view. Revealed wisdom is a comprehensive, realistic, and unvarnished assessment of life. Proverbs explores emotions, doubts, and vexing circumstances. It grows out of the awe, or “fear,” of God and the order He offers as Creator. Loving wisdom radiates insight into every aspect of daily life, especially when stressed. It is constructive, optimistic and always moral (Matthew 11:19).

I remember hearing a man say that he loved his mentor. But it was clear that he only loved the parts of the teacher’s wisdom that furthered his agenda. Love cannot permit moral schizophrenia. Here, the love of wisdom is a hatred for self-love, arrogance and perverse speech. The gift of wisdom opposes foolishness because it is righteousness lived out (8:8, 15,18). Wisdom from above will not allow double-mindedness (James 3:13-18). The wise person does the right thing, kindly.

In the tangled web this virus has spun, I hope we look in humble love and obedience to the person Proverbs points to, Jesus. He is our Wisdom and Righteousness (I Cor 1:30). 

Our Wisdom was selfless, humble and never lied. It is the foolishness of the Cross which brings wholeness out of devastation, meaning out of suffering, life out of death. Wise people act like Him. The ‘foolishness’ of Cross-like lives defies the ways of the world (I Corinthians 1:20).

Wisdom that is not genius, expertise or competence. Instead, wisdom is the loving gift of sensitive hearts motivated by right thinking and right acting out of a right relationship with an awesome Triune God.


Lord, be my Wisdom so that all I touch today radiates Your presence and purpose. Amen.